Setting up SourceTree, BitBucket, SSH with a proxy on Windows

When using SourceTree to connect to Bitbucket with an SSH key through a proxy server, there are a number of steps to follow...

SourceTree setup

1. Open SourceTree, goto Tools and select 'Create or Import SSH Keys'

2. A dialog will open up. Click Generate to generate a public private key pair:
  • Provide a suitable passphrase and save both the public and private keys

3. In your system tray, right click on Pageant (PuTTY authentication agent) and select "Add Key"
  • Select the private key you created in step 2

Proxy Setup with Putty

1. Setup your HTTP Proxy settings in Putty
  • Click on your Start button and search for Putty
  • When Putty comes up goto the Session Category 'Default Settings' and then Load
  • Goto the Proxy category and add in the proxy settings, making sure to select the right proxy type
  • Go back to the Session Category and save the updates to the Default Settings

Bitbucket setup

1. Goto BitBucket, navigate to "Your Account"
2. Under SSH Keys, add the Public Key saved above
3. Restart SourceTree and then add a new repo with the ssh url for your repo
To find the right URL to use, navigate to your repo in BitBucket and you'll see the SSH url on the right:

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